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Drawing up the search is very sought-after service mainly for all who need to write whatever work (seminar work, coursework, bachelor thesis…) or study in specific professional field. Search as a result of search activity presents the list of literature found on particular topic and it contains concrete records about documents. Search activity increases efficiency and reduces the time of solution to the research and development tasks.

According to completeness of documents included in survey, searches may be divide into exhaustive, selective, orientational and supplementary search. According to kind of included documents we know single-type search, which includes only one type of documents, for example magazine articles about certain topic or multi-type search where more types of documents are included, thus articles, books and electronic resources.

Everyone, who is interested in drawing up the search, foremost has to sat the topic and besides has to provide other demanded information:

  • to state the type of the search
  • to define the time frame (span of publication years: from 2005-, 2000-2010, 1990-2000, …)
  • to define the language of documents (Slovak, Slovak and Czech , English,…)
  • to define the sources for searching (online catalogue of State Scientific Library, online catalogue of Slovak libraries, foreign databases,…)
  • etc.

The content, extent and the way of processing the search shall be adapted to search applicants and to nature of the topic based on the form. When entering a topic, it is very important time frame of processing the search. It is possible to request for processing the search in study halls at Hlavná street No. 99 or through the internet after completing the form Search service order. This service is paid pursuant to the price list of library-information services.

In case you want to process the search yourself, we offer a simple manual on its processing as well as instructions on searching in online catalogues of Slovak libraries and catalogue in National Library of Prague.

Manual to process the search

Instructions on searching in online catalogues of portal Slovak library and National library of Prague.



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