Reprographic services

Users are also provided with the reprographic services from the documents deposited in its stocks of library collection, as well as from the documents lent within the ILL and IILL or copying from the collections of reference library. Copying from the documents of library collection is provided in all the study halls and in the reading room too.
What is not allowed, is copying from the documents being part of the historical fond of State Scientific Library in Prešov and Collegial library of Evangelical church which are provided only for reference study. For the reason of the protection of historical prints in accordance with the Library Act No. 183/2000 it is allowed just to take the pictures from mentioned documents. Scanning and photographing of historical prints is at user`s disposal solely in the Study hall of historical prints at Hlavná street.

Reprographic services are provided in compliance with provisions of Copyright Act and pursuant to the price list of library-information services.


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