Every visitor interested in using documents and other services of our library must go through the registration process. It means to register a visitor into library system in accordance with valid legislature (Libraries Act, Personal Data Act) and subsequently to issue user card which authorizes users to visit all library premises intended for the public and the use of providing services.

The user card in the form of contactless smart card will be issued while you wait in the user registration at the department of the library-information services at Námestie mládeže street No. 1 in the photo workplace established for these purposes. The obligations of users are the following:
  1. to submit ID card,
  2. to fill in and sign registration form,
  3. to pay an annual registration fee and
  4. to pay one-time fee for contactless smart card pursuant to the list of library-information services.

Library accepts ISIC and ITIC cards as the user cards of State Scientific Library, so for the owners of these cards are valid only 1-3 points.

The part of registration form is
  • consent of user to the processing of personal data that every visitor must provide to library at registration andconsent to the respecting of all statements of Library order of State Scientific Library, which users confirm voluntarily by their signature.

User card is non-transferable and authorizes user to use all library-information services contrary to visitor who may use only certain services provided by library.


last update 30.9.2015