Providing loans of documents from library collection is the primary service of State Scientific Library pursuant to the Libraries Act.

The library loans documents out of its premises as the home lending. Such loans includes the book documents from library`s own collection and also documents from other libraries mediating through the interlibrary lending service. Documents lent only for reference are:

  • bound and not bound periodicals
  • historical prints from own library collections dated before 1918 (pursuant to the Libraries act) and historical collection of Collegial Library of Evangelical Church for reason of the protection of manuscripts and valuable documents
  • audiovisual documents
  • norms
  • all documents integrated into reference libraries of individual study halls
  • documents lent through the interlibrary lending service and international interlibrary service, if it is demand of landing library

For more information about loan (circulation) services, registration and other services, please contact consultants at the Department of Library-Information services.


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last update 7.9.2015