The State Scientific Library in Prešov is state budgetary organization established and managed by the Ministry of culture of the Slovak Republic.

As the public cultural, informational, scientific and educational institution in the sphere of library, bibliographic, scientific-research and editorial activity library systematically builds and makes accessible library collection and provides library-information services.

It provides services to the public of Prešov region, mainly to professional and research workers, pedagogues, students, state administration and self-government bodies and business sector.


The vision is to build The State Scientific Library in Prešov as the modern cultural and information institution of 21st century which will provide not only standard library services, but also will perform significant information base and unnecessary part of lifelong education.

Under the establishment of the modern cultural and information institution we understood quality and efficient, spatial, organizational, technical, technological and personnel arrangement which allows library:

  • to categorize it among top information and cultural institutions of its kind,
  • to apply to all stages of its activity progressive and noticeable innovations,
  • to provide quality library-information services using modern information and communication technologies    
  • to ensure regular presentation of its own activity and events of the city and other regional organizations and business entities.

SSL adjusts to demands and challenges of current days and endeavors to focus its activity to be to its users’ benefit. All the spiritual riches in printed and electronic documents are mediated to interested persons who may take full advantage of information potential of the library by means of modern information and communication technologies.

State Scientific Library aims to create conditions for construction of modern purpose-built building of library – the significant cultural building where the history and presence will be united. By the construction of the modern building we pursue the creation of friendly and sophisticated ambience for study, education, research, and cultural activities.


last update 26.6.2015