Inter-library loans

The State Scientific Library belongs to libraries in Slovakia, which actively participate on providing inter-library lending services, whether home (ILL) or international (IILL). ILL and IILL services is a providing of document loans from library collections of other libraries in Slovakia or abroad. This way (process) of lending is reciprocal, because The State Scientific Library provides documents from its own collections to users of other libraries by means of library located in permanent or temporary residence of user.

Loan through the ILL or IILL can be realized by library, in which you have to be registered. Professional staff will search document in whatever library in Slovakia (or abroad) on your request and If it is found and available for lending, they will mediate it by means of this service.

ILL or IILL provided by our library is available only for interested person registered as users of SSL. For more information about registration, see registration or Library order of SSL. Interlibrary loans are charged pursuant to price list of library-information services.


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last update 7.9.2015