Inter-library loans

In accordance with the Libraries Act No. 126/2015, the State Scientific Library provides their users inter-library lending services (ILL). It is providing of the document loans from library collections of other libraries in Slovakia and abroad. This way of lending documents is reciprocal: SSL provides library loans to those who are not user of SSL in Prešov through the libraries at the place of residence.

How to do it?

It is very simple. Just visit any library in your city or village, in which you are registered and search for the needed document. In case, that given library does not owe this document, ask a librarian (if she/he do not suggest it) to provide for it through interlibrary loan service. Almost all larger libraries have some employee doing this service.

Every library implementing the ILL requests for documents either electronically through the internet (by electronic request for ILL) or sends its requests by means of regular postal service, possibly uses both ways. Nowadays large libraries have their online catalogues accessible to public on their websites, so it is easy to check out in which library is a searched document located. In the case of older edition, there is needed to send the request without preceding checking out.

Every user is expected to give basic data about needed document, because incorrect and inadequate data reduce the percentage of finding requested document. After all, users need those basic data also for searching the document in their own library. It means, they have to give basic bibliographic data: author, exact title, place and year of publication edition. In the case of periodicals, the following information is important: title of periodical, volume, year, number, pages, author of the article, because from the periodicals within ILL only copies of the articles may be provided.

If requested document is located in no library in Slovakia, the user may request for mediating it from abroad through the international inter-library lending service (IILL). According to principles of IILL these services are provided for SSL through the University library in Bratislava. When affirmatively processed loans from abroad, the user is obliged to pay the fees associated with costs in mediating loans according to price list.


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