Already the ancient nations revered the ideas of wise people and recorded them by writing on whatever material in order to preserve the important heritage for future generations. And right the libraries has become places where wisdoms of mankind over many centuries were hidden. The internet has changed nothing on it. On the contrary, internet has become a great library of information, which performs essentially the same role as traditional libraries, just through another form.

Thus, what role will have the libraries in the 21st century? As important as in the past. And the proof is the grandiose decision of the powerful people in this world to bring back to humankind the largest ancient library in Egyptian Alexandria. People in connection with the modern technical and technological amenities should achieve in fact only one thing: that libraries and internet should exist in symbiosis and complement one another. The State Scientific Library in Prešov is interested in the same thing.

On the subpage you can find a definition of function and vision of the library to the future and brief overview of the significant events in the history of library.

Mgr. Valéria Závadská




last update 26.6.2015